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Governing Documents
A governing document that defines the homeowners rights, including division of ownership and protective standards/restrictions, creating the overall framework for operation and organization of the association. Charter (PDF)
By-Laws A governing document that illustrates the details of running the association including general powers and duties of the board, procedures for member/board meetings and elections, and the voting rights of members. By-Laws (PDF)
Articles of Incorporation A governing document that establishes the association as a corporation, and defines its basic powers and purpose. Articles of Incorporation (PDF)
Rules and Regulations A governing document that elaborates on the Declarations, Articles, Bylaws, or Statutes, further defining standards, rights, and restrictions. Rules and Regulations (PDF)
Design Review Process (PDF)
Solar Policy (PDF)
Solar Panel License Agreement (PDF)
Dog Ordinances (PDF)
Resolution Prohibiting Items In the Common Area (PDF)
Maintenance Responsibility Chart (PDF)
Seller Disclosure In accordance with Senate Bill 06-089, effective Jan. 1, 2007, Disclosure - common interest community – obligation to pay assessments – requirement for architectural approval. Seller Disclosure (PDF)

Fiscal Year The twelve month period in which an association plans for the use of its funds. This association's fiscal year ends in December.
Financial Statement The association's plan for revenue and expenditures within the current fiscal year. A report of the finances of the association, including an income/expense statement, balance sheet and budget. Financial Statment (PDF)
Year End 2016 (PDF)
Financial Statement Budget 2017 (PDF)
Audit A results statement from the professional entity who preformed the financial audit or review for the association. Audit (PDF)

Board / Annual Meeting Minutes
A record of all board meetings held in the previous year, and the last member meeting.
Note: Board / annual meeting minutes are not posted until they have been approved.
Board Meeting 5-5-17 Board Meeting 5-5-17 (PDF)
Board Meeting 1-18-17 Board Meeting 1-18-17 (PDF)
Board Meeting 11-21-16 Board Meeting 11-21-16 (PDF)
Board Meeting 10-19-16 Board Meeting 10-19-16 (PDF)
Board Meeting 7-21-16 Board Meeting 7-21-16 (PDF)
Board Meeting 6-15-16 Board Meeting 6-15-16 (PDF)
Board Meeting 5-18-16 Board Meeting 5-18-16 (PDF)
Board Meeting 4-27-16 Board Meeting 4-27-16 (PDF)
Board Meeting 3-28-16 Board Meeting 3-28-16 (PDF)

Insurance Disclosures Insurance Disclosures (PDF)

Responsible Governance Policies
Collection Policy Collection Policy (PDF)
Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest (PDF)
Resolution Regarding Meetings Resolution Regarding Meetings (PDF)
Covenant Enforcement Covenant Enforcement (PDF)
Records Inspection Records Inspection (PDF)
Investment of Funds Investment of Funds (PDF)
Adoption of Rules Adoption of Rules (PDF)
Dispute Resolution Dispute Resolution (PDF)
Reserve Studies Reserve Studies (PDF)
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